About Us


In 1987, Clemens Peschl became the division manager for PDR of Broward, an insurance loss vendor. PDR Broward up to that point in time had expertise only in structural scopes and wanted to expand into the contents end of the business. Peschl was hired by the president of the company to create, manage and grow that division.

For the next 14 years, Clemens did exactly that, establishing the name Systematic Contents Services as the pre-eminent contents company in Southeast Florida, with emphasis on the unusual and difficult to assess and restore contents items.

The Beginning of International Contents Experts

In 2001, Clemens purchased the division from PDR of Broward and changed the name to International Contents Experts ("Inconex"), he also expanded the company to include the scope and restoration of all cabinetry, oriental rugs, artwork, collectibles and rare objects � becoming the unequivocal expert in the State of Florida on all such items.

Inconex is now one of the most well known and respected contents vendors in Florida, with an extensive history of over twenty years maintaining adjuster relationships, participating in preferred vendor programs from every major carrier in the state and in developing workshops that help adjusters and other supporting vendors understand the nature of damage losses and the opportunity for restoration techniques that save everyone hundreds of thousands of dollars.

When a carrier has to pay out for items that can be restored, it costs the carrier, which costs the insured's with rising premiums, which costs the economy and affects every person who resides in the state. When vendors like ICE develop and employ techniques that help to curb costs and at the same time satisfy insured's, it creates a win-win for everyone in the lose-lose potential of insurance claims.

Reliable scoping assists the carrier and evaluations that are produced with integrity help in keeping costs down, while educating those just entering the industry.

ICE is now the leading contents company in South Florida, employing a solid team of European craftsmen, building a reputation of bankable evaluations, restorations and educational workshops that create a learning opportunities for everyone in the industry.