Fine Art & Collectibles

Ever wonder how old paintings, delicate figurines, glossy bowls and other antiquities have retained their near-mint appearance? The remarkable condition of these items can be directly attributable to the hands of careful crafting/restoration performed at studios such as Inconex.

We have restored more than 3,500 pieces of artwork. From the most fragile/damaged frames to chipping/missing paint, we've seen it all. We treat every project with only the utmost care and attention. Whether your work of art is from a valuable collection or of sentimental value only, it will be treated as irreplaceable.

To receive an estimate, send us an email or postal letter, containing the following: a detailed description of the condition of the painting and/or frame with photos (if possible). If you send digitized photographs, please convert them to JPEG (jpg) format.

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Cabinet Installation - 6
Art work after wood borers have been killed by special treatment, prior to final sealing and color matching.
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